Bar stools

A bar stool is a practical piece of furniture that can complement a bar table or serve as an individual piece of furniture. Specific characteristics of bar stools are that the structure, or legs of the chair, are slightly longer than on a regular classic chair. In other words, the seat is higher up. Bar stools, despite the name, have more uses than just as a complement to a stand-up table in a bar environment. You can also use bar stools in the meeting room, the dining room or at the café.


Upis1 is a heigth-adjustable balance stool with many different uses

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svart barstol


Manacor is a stackable bar stool that we stock in several colors

Several colors |   Stock Article

Event Bar stool

Event bar chair (Alvar Stool) is a robust folding event chair from manufacturer Zown

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Alvar Stool – New Classic

Alvar Stool NC from New Classic Collection is an updated model of the Event bar stool

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