Quality Objectives

ELJ provides flexible and high-quality furniture for you as a customer. Our aim and vision is to achieve measurable quality goals in the areas below:

Delivery with 100% security

For us, as well as for you, delivery safety is very important and our goal is to keep it above 95%. Correct delivery of an order means that your order will be delivered to you on the delivery date specified when the order was made.

Because delivery safety is important, all deliveries are tracked. Each month, statistics are provided with regard to delivery safety.

Quality deficit costs

ELJ’s goal is that the total quality deficit cost should be less than 1% of the company’s sales. This goal is met by various means, including all employees following the instructions and rules that are drawn up and which apply within the company.
For us, documentation and archiving are important, so this is done with all the deviation reports and measures taken.

To satisfy you as a customer

Our primary stakeholders for our business are of course our customers, ie you. Of course, you are our very greatest focus and satisfying all your needs is what we want to achieve.

In order for you to be as satisfied as possible in regards with delivery, the delivery note is matched to the order confirmation, to ensure that the order contains the right products. It is then signed by the person who carries out and is responsible for the freight forwarding.

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