Quality Policy

All employees within ELJ Bordet AB will ensure that the company’s quality goals and objectives are maintaine. This in order to offer you as a customer an extremely high quality throughout our range of products.

ELJ products and services will have the quality that customers demand and expect. ELJ will provide services and products that are comparable and hopefully better than competing businesses in the same industry. In addition to quality, handling is of course an important part of a buying process.

All communications with the customer should be characterized by:

  • Correct and effective replies
  • High delivery reliability
  • Care
  • Transparency
  • Helpfulness

We will always aim at these goals and strive to reach them in order to develop and improve our business.

All employees shall, as far as possible, carry out the assigned tasks in accordance with the quality chain, which is the red thread throughout the business. Quality is A and Z for both us and our customers.

Something we always should keep in mind is that the customer is the primary and most important stakeholder for our business. Therefore, it is important that all customers are satisfied with the overall experience – both in terms of quality and a friendly and caring response.

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