Terms & Conditions

ELJ Bordet AB offers you as customer to preview a product before placing the order. The customer accepts the responsibility of returning the product back in mint condition and is responsible for all the shipping costs derived. The samples will be billed after 45 net days from the date of shipment. If approved return occurs within this time frame the goods’ cost is discounted from the invoice, unless otherwise agreed.

When you as a customer place an order you commit to a binding agreement with ELJ Bordet AB. For the cancellation of orders that have already been produced we hold the right to charge up to 10% of the order value.

Special orders
Orders for products not included in the standard assortment are not quality tested and therefore no guarantee is assumed. For each order there is a setup cost that is order bound and an administrative fee of 900 SEK. Each request is assessed according to the possibility we have to meet your needs.

Urgent orders
For urgent deliveries where parts of our production must be reseted, after assessment we will sometimes have to charge an additional cost depending on how resource-demanding the order is. This will be discussed when the order is placed/acknowledged.

When placing incorrect orders, the following applies for returns:

Custom-made and customized goods are not eligible for return. The cause for the return must be stated. Contact ELJ Bordet AB before the return to obtain a return form. This return form is also available at The shipping costs are paid by the customer.

  • Orders with a net order value up to 2.500 SEK: Return fee = 500 SEK.
  • Orders with a net order value from 2.500 SEK up to 10,000 SEK: Credited with 80% of the order value.
  • Orders with a net order value from 10.000 SEK up to 40,000 SEK: Return fee = 2.000 SEK.
  • Orders with a net order value from 40.000 SEK up to 100,000 SEK: Return fee = 3.000 SEK.
  • Orders with a net order value of 100.000 SEK upwards: Return fee = 5.000 SEK.

Provided that the goods are not damaged when returned.
Errors caused by us will be credited with 100% of the cost.

Please contact us for more information.

All prices are given excluding VAT. Packaging and any handling charges will be added-in when billing. We at ELJ Bordet AB are not responsible for any price changes that may occur in the event of changes in tax rules or if the purchase prices change radically. ELJ Bordet AB trades among other with Euro & U.S. dollars. If any of these currencies go up sharply against the Swedish krona and affect the particular product that you ordered then a price adjustment may occur.

However, prices established in confirmed orders will be maintained for orders to be delivered within 6 weeks after placing the order.

If our shipping contract is used then the shipping costs will be applied when billing. The shipping cost is calculated for each shipment.
To get an estimate of your incoming shipping cost contact us at ELJ Bordet AB.
For consignee without regular opening hours we will send a notification of arrival, which will postpone the delivery an extra day.

Damage in transit
The consignee is responsible for checking the goods and notify the driver of any visibly damage on arrival. Damage in transit must also be reported immediately to the carrier. Concealed damages must be reported to ELJ Bordet AB no later than 4 working days after receipt.

Delivery time
We at ELJ Bordet AB have as aim to deliver ordered stock items within 72 hours after your order has been confirmed. The products that we at ELJ Bordet AB do not have in stock will vary in delivery time. Some special products may take up to 12 weeks to be delivered. In order to get accurate shipping information we welcome you as our customer to make an inquiry on the product that you are interested in purchasing.

Delivery terms
EXW-Ex Works means free ELJ table AB warehouse/factory, Hyltebruk, Sweden.
From our premises the responsibility for the goods belongs to you as customer in accordance with Incoterms® 2010.

For purchases by invoice it is required to pay within 30 net days, unless otherwise agreed.

We at ELJ Bordet AB reserve the right to perform a credit check on all customers. If you as customer are not considered credit-worthy then payment in advance will be required. When paying in advance the money is deposited into the specified bank account (not Bank Giro Transfer) and when the payment has been confirmed the shipment takes place

The warranty covers only goods in new condition from our standard assortment. For individual consumers the warranty is valid for 24 months since the original delivery date, following the conditions specified in the current Swedish Consumer Rights Law. For traders the warranty is valid for 12 months since the original delivery date, and with conditions as established in this agreement.

We reserve the right that our stock may run out.
ELJ Bordet AB reserves the ownership of the goods until full payment is received.
ELJ Bordet AB reserves the right to make minor design changes to the products.
ELJ Bordet AB does not assume any responsibility on faulty prices, facts, or color variations that occur due to printing errors.
ELJ Bordet AB does not assume any responsibility for events beyond its control, known as Force Majeure.

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