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ELJ Furniture is a Swedish furniture wholesaler with a factory and warehouse in Småland, the Swedish furniture Metropol.

At ELJ Furniture we work with everything from the design and import of furniture to complete assembling and delivery to customers, and we also supply customized tables and chairs according to the customer´s requirements. We design, produce, import and deliver ready-made concepts and furniture to retailers within the EU. ELJ Furniture also has an agency for numerous diverse brands that sustain high standards and satisfy the customer´s requirements concerning comfort, quality, and guarantee.


We have ergonomic, practical and stylish chairs for all tastes and rooms

Stolar och bord


We have a wide range of stylish and practical tables for all occasions


We have complete kits for crowd-control barriers, posts with ropes or tapes, wall cartridges, etc


We offer trolleys for transport of our different folding and stacking tables and chairs

Folding stages

We store practical folding scenes with all the accessories needed to create a successful event

Tablecloths & Textiles

We have a wide range of tablecloths and textiles for our folding and stackable tables and chairs

bordsskivor i olika material

Table tops

We store round and rectangular table tops of different sizes and materials


In the catalogs you will find our range of stock goods, ideas for inspiration and much more

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Depending on our different branches we have gathered inspiration from different parts of the world to show our products in their true nature.

Interior & Event


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